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Home Inspection Client Testimonials

Testimonials from our satisfied home inspection clients.

“Dear Future Home Buyer, 

My wife and I are purchasing our 5th home in the last 11 years and are no strangers to the home inspection process.  Each time we have had a different inspector, some good and some bad.  Thinking to myself that this time I probably could do it myself especially after building a home and being a contractor for a number of years.  I’m glad that I didn’t.  A fresh set of eyes and a second opinion is always good Idea.  Mike caught everything that I found and then some.  I asked my realtor who the best on the market was and they said without hesitation it was Mike and boy were they right.  Mike is very knowledgeable in lots of different areas and if he is not quite sure on something then you can bet that not only will he get the answer for you but will have spent countless hours in researching the answer.  That is why he is the Best!!!!!  If you want someone with professionalism and knowledge of what you are about to buy and invest in then Mike is your guy.  If you don’t care and just want to know if the roof is not going to collapse in the next month then just ask the neighbors!!!!  Great Job Mike!!!!”

Matt & Allyson


“Last February, we had Mike from Eastern Iowa Inspection Services come out to inspect a house we were purchasing. He was very professional and thorough. Mike took the time to explain everything that he found, and gave us tips and suggestions on how to improve the house. Mike mentioned that the airflow from the furnace was a little low to some of the rooms, and that we should have an HVAC specialist check that out before we closed on the house. Well, after a couple calls we found an HVAC cleaning company that had serviced the house previously about 10 years ago. They said that the ducts were rotting and collapsing back in 1999 and the only way to repair that was to install a new updraft furnace and all new air ducts through the attic. Luckily, we found that out before we closed on the house and were able to get the sellers to help pay for the $3,800 repair. Hiring Mike from Eastern Iowa Inspection Services saved us a ton of money and from surprise repairs that we might not have known about. We have lived in our new house for almost a month now and have yet to find anything wrong with the house that Mike did not find for us.”

Thanks Mike!– Chris and Amanda


“Mike was excellent. He took amazing care to walk us through the entire property. We are purchasing a new construction, so I half expected the inspector to just glaze over things, assuming that they were in excellent condition. Mike was thorough, explained things to us, took pictures, and even told us things to look for down the line. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone purchasing a home. He was fantastic!”


“Thanks Mike for providing us with such a thorough and informative home inspection. You gave us many detailed pointers on items to watch out for and/or fix throughout our home, as well as many helpful hints on how to save money in the long run. Your extensive background in home building gives you a leg up in the business. We greatly appreciate the time you spent at our inspection. Thank you again for a great experience”

Brandon and Jenna



“Mike, Thank you for putting the report together quickly. I want to let you know that I am extremely satisfied with the entire inspection. Your level of knowledge about home components, sincere interest in passing some of that knowledge on to me, and the thorough inspection were well beyond my expectations. I will be on the look out for anyone in need of a home inspection and pass them on to you. Anyways, thank you again for the excellent service.”

Ryan Sanger



“Mike, just a note, thanks for the help in purchasing our new home. There were many unknowns, and your services helped put us at ease with our investment. Again, thanks.”




“I highly recommend Mike for your home inspection needs. His background and expertise in the building business give him a big advantage from start to finish. The clients are always very pleased with his attention to detail and explanation of the items that need to be addressed. To make it even better his prices are very fair.”

Sara Vancura
Skogman realty



“Mike has been an outstanding inspector for all of my buyers. He is very knowledgeable in all major areas of a home such as structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, and more. He lets my buyers know what they are getting into without frightening them. Mike works well with buyers letting them know possible solutions they might try to take care of a problem. I would highly recommend Mike to my fellow Realtors.”



“I recently contracted with Eastern Iowa Inspection Services to inspect a property I was in the process of purchasing. Mike was very accommodating in working the inspection into his schedule. His pre inspection review on what services he has available and what exactly he would be doing was thorough. I had the inspection results emailed to me within 24 hours of the actual inspection. The completed Inspection Report was very informative along with photo documentation to show me the issues, or potential issues, the property had. This helped me as the property sale finalized to negotiate a lower fair purchase price. I will give Mike at Eastern Iowa Inspection Service a call if I have another property of interest.”

Scott Draper



“Mike did a great job with our inspection! He was VERY knowledgable, helpful, and worked with us in explaining the things that we needed to address right away. He showed us each item on the list and how we needed to fix it, and then emailed us a detailed report with pictures of everything that we discussed during the inspection. We would highly recommend Mike for any home inspection.”

Matt and Bailey


“Hey Mike,

I wanted to write and tell you how appreciative my wife and I were for your services. You went above and beyond our expectations. As first time home buyers looking to purchase a 50-year old home, we clearly had concerns for the safety of our family as well as the security of this investment. Your inspection was completed not only on our time schedule but the report was so decisive that it left little room for discussion by the seller as to what repairs were needed. You have provided an amazing service that has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for time, effort, and invaluable input.


Steven & Serena

Attention all home buyers:

After reading more about Mike on the website and reviewing the comprehensive inspections that he does, I contacted him to inspect what would have been my second home. Let me tell you, Mike saved me from what could have turned into a horrible disaster down the road.

Not knowing as much about the place, other than it was pretty…we scheduled the inspection that included a radon test. The results of the radon test showed the presence of four times the acceptable level – that was the first clue that the home was not what I thought it would be. Other significant issues included a huge foundation issue, recent water problems, improper grading sloping towards the house, and sloppy DIY work by the owners both inside and outside of the home. Mike provided me with the complete picture of the construction of the home, which would have costs thousands and thousands of dollars to fix and reconstruct the foundation. He was very helpful in revealing all of the issues with the home, and we were able to extract ourselves from the mess.

Mike was very professional, prompt, effective and efficient. He reviewed all of the issues with me in detail before he left the site, and provided a thorough report within hours. Of course, when I was able to locate a different house to purchase, I called Mike again.

Mike was able to schedule this inspection within days as well. Same professional service, same efficient process. Mike was able to determine the most minor of issues (i.e., and missing screen from a window), that I would have never noticed, and we are able to now go back to the sellers with a short list of minor requests. The confidence I now have in making this huge investment is well worth the reasonable rate that Mike charged.

In short, always, always, always cover your bases with an inspection, and consider Mike one of the good guys. I highly recommend this company to everyone – be assured your interests are well covered and well represented by Eastern Iowa Inspections!

Thanks again…..




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