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Are New Homes Better? A Home Inspector Shares His Thoughts

Home Inspector Cedar Rapids IA, Waterloo IA- Are new homes better? Home inspector Cedar Rapids, Waterloo Iowa- Are new homes better? That’s a question that I rarely if ever get asked. I think that most people assume that if it’s a new home, it’s a better home. I would have to ask a question as well, and that […]

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Relocating to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Relocating to Cedar Rapids, Iowa As a Home Inspector that provides service to Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Cedar Falls and many surrounding areas it is with great pleasure that I often meet and perform home inspections for people relocating to my service area. One of the great things about doing home inspections for people relocating to my area is that I am a member of […]

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They’re not the Traveling Wilburys – Termites

On a recent commercial inspection I was performing I came across the largest termite shelter tubes I have ever seen. What appears to be a crack in the wall in the picture on the right is actually a shelter tube built by Eastern Subterranean Termites. These little critters live in the soil and are not as destructive as the […]

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