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Home Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Radon Testing and Mold Testing.

We are happy to offer home inspection and commercial property inspection services for Cedar Falls and all surrounding areas stretching from Parkersburg to Iowa City.

Some of the inspection services we offer are mold inspection, indoor air quality testing, home inspection, radon testing and more. Check out our “services/pricing” page to learn more.

With over twenty years of diverse construction experience it will be hard to find a more experienced inspector in the Cedar Falls area. Visit our Qualifications page to see all the areas of inspection we specialize in.

Our inspections are professional and picture based so you are well informed about the condition of what you are buying. This helps keep you from unpleasant surprises when you take possession of your home or commercial property.

Home Inspection Saves Money and Saves Energy:

During the course of a typical home inspection in Cedar Falls we will point out measures that can be taken to reduce energy costs. Some things you can think about are adding insulation to the attic. If you discover during the inspection that the attic needs more insulation in order to be elevated to today’s standards you should first contact your gas provider. Most often they have rebate programs in place that will assist you in the cost of adding insulation. A couple of stipulations that are typically seen are that the home must be over ten years of age and a free energy audit must be performed by the provider before adding insulation. Having your home inspected by Eastern Iowa Inspection Services will help you make the right improvements in the most effective areas.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Weather strip and caulk to seal air leakages. 
  • Maximize insulation levels where suitable (such as in the attic and walls) to minimize heat loss in the winter season and heat gain in summer season.
  • Open curtains on south-facing windows on sun-drenched wintertime days so that the sun’s power can assist heating your home, and close them in the summer months to help continue to keep your home cool.
  • Choose energy-efficient products and solutions when upgrading windows and doors.
  • By making your home more energy-efficient, your heating and cooling systems will work less, saving you money in bills and equipment replacement.

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