With a plethora of Home Inspectors in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Iowa City, and everywhere in between, you may ask the question, what sets Eastern Iowa Inspection Services apart?

The answer to that is TEEC, which stands for:

T= Temperament: After 20 years in the residential and commercial construction industry I have seen a lot of things both good and bad which gives me an eye for inspecting that others would not normally have. As things are encountered during a home inspection that could give pause or worry to someone without my background, I am able to see the fix in addition to the problem. This enables me to convey to the client a positive outlook rather than an alarmist attitude. This is why wise Realtors recommend EI2S home inspection services to their clients.

E= Ethics: Unfortunately there are some people in the business world that would sacrifice ethics for profit. As the owner and manager of Eastern Iowa Inspection Services I pledge to you and all who read this that I will never violate the ethical boundaries set forth by my inspection association and my personal beliefs when doing a home inspection. Doing such things only does a disservice to all involved in the process of the real estate transaction and frankly, leads down the wrong path.

E= Experience: When it comes to experience I have it. I have built homes, small businesses and large metropolitan buildings. I have remodeled buildings as new as 2 years and as old as 170 years. I have run a shovel in a ditch and been a superintendent on larger projects. This is the type of experience you should look for in any home inspector. How can you pick it apart if you have never put it together?

C= Convenience: As a family owned business we understand the desire to serve and be fairly compensated. We have taken extra steps in the design of Eastern Iowa Inspection Services to ensure the maximum amount of convenience for your clients. We offer a wide range of Home Inspection Services, to include Home Inspection, Radon Testing, Termite Inspection, Infrared Thermal Imaging and Mold Testing. In addition, we also have several discount programs available to returning Veterans, and area businesses.

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