Front elevation blue printHome Inspection Waterloo, Cedar Rapids IA, the blueprint is one way I like to describe the report that we provide.

 During a typical home inspection I see a lot of things that I will take pictures of. Not all of these things are an emergency or have to be fixed yesterday.

Whether I am performing a home inspection in Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, North Liberty or Waverly, it doesn’t matter. The home inspection report that I generate can be used as a blue print for future use as well as a list of things that need immediate attention.


Handy man hard at it

Some folks like to call this blue print a honey do list. If I’m not mistaken, I have one of those at home to finish myself.

One of the benefits of categorizing and prioritizing the home inspection report is that the client can glance through the report long after they have moved in and look at the maintenance/improvement issues, or only look at the items to monitor and decide what they would like to tackle first. This method of writing a home inspection report really provides a long term benefit to the new owners and that’s what Eastern Iowa Inspection Services is all about. Long term service and long term relationships.

Some examples of maintenance items may be some flaking paint. Providing an FHA loan isn’t being utilized that is something that can be taken care of down the road and not a home inspection emergency. Another example may be some unsealed penetrations on the exterior which can be easily repaired with a bit of silicone.

One more way our home inspection makes for a good blue print is on the repairable items. Sure, some things really need to be fixed as soon as possible because they are a safety hazard or could lead to bigger issues, but there are other things that a home inspection brings to light that can be fixed down the road. All you have to do is go to the My Report  page of the website, enter your password, and up comes your report for you to view over and over until you have completed your blue print.