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Sump Pump inspection during the winter?

Have you ever performed a sump pump inspection during the winter months? Why not? Winter is a good time to check your sump pit and pump. The reason winter is a good time is that most pits are not active during the winter months. Without water accumulating in the pit, you have access to it […]

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Proper Pre-Hung Door Installation

Proper Pre-Hung Door Installation Over many years of building and performing home inspections, I have seen a lot of doors poorly or improperly hung. The reasons for this vary;  poor craftsmanship, rushing what should not be rushed, damage after proper installation from a sub-contractor, even the installation of an improperly sized or damaged door because […]

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Keeping Moisture Under Control

Keeping Moisture Under Control This months letter is short, sweet, and important! Moisture intrusion and high moisture levels are the main drivers of mold growth in the interior of the home. The last thing we want is mold growing visibly, or worse yet, hidden from view in our home. How can we prevent mold growth […]

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Spring Home Inspection Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Inspection Maintenance Tips Over the last decade of performing home inspections, commercial inspections, mold testing/inspection and other inspection related services, I have seen many things related to spring home inspection maintenance tips that haven’t been properly addressed. I always include maintenance related items in a property inspection report to educate home/commercial buyers as […]

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Iowa Home Inspection: Who built this thing?

Iowa Home Inspection: Who built this thing? Folks, it pays to have an Iowa home inspection done by someone who’s been there and built that. I recently inspected an 8 year old home in a small town that was, at a glance, just dreamy on the exterior. It had an appealing architectural design and many great features. As I […]

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Home Inspection Mold

Mold at the Home Inspection At Eastern Iowa Inspection Services we can do much more than just your typical home inspection. We offer Thermal Imaging, Indoor Air Quality testing and other services to help you get a complete picture of the property you are purchasing. If you suspect mold in a home and hire us […]

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LED’s vs CFL’s is the title to this post because I have found a lot of people don’t have a full understanding of what each one is and what the pro’s and con’s are for the bulbs. LED’s LED is an acronym that stands for Light Emitting Diode. A diode is basically a semiconductor that […]

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