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Mold at the Home Inspection

At Eastern Iowa Inspection Services we can do much more than just your typical home inspection. We offer Thermal Imaging, Indoor Air Quality testing and other services to help you get a complete picture of the property you are purchasing.

Mold TestingIf you suspect mold in a home and hire us to do the inspection, we can add some indoor air quality tests to the inspection and verify whether mold is present or not. The air tests will also tell us the genus and its approximate concentration in the air of the home. If mold spore amplification is discovered, some additional inspection or remediation efforts may be required.

After the remediation has been completed, we can come back to the property and perform post remediation air tests to ensure the remediation effort was successful. You can then move in to a mold free home with confidence.

Finding mold during the course of a home inspection is not an everyday event, but it does happen more frequently than you would imagine. Mold is moisture dependent so if you don’t control the moisture, it will start to proliferate. One piece of advice is to NEVER install interior finish materials directly onto concrete. It will wick up moisture whether your basement is dry or not and you will end up with fungal growth. I like to keep any building materials set up off of the floor at least the thickness of the material I am applying, with the exception of paneling of which I would suggest a 1/2″ off the floor. Here a couple of pictures that I have taken over time. Remember, if you suspect fungal growth in your home, we can always come out, inspect and do air quality tests to determine if any is present and to what extent. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule your inspection and air tests today!

Mold growth on drywall










Picture of roof sheeting covered in mold due to poor attic ventilation













Mold Inspection




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