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Commercial inspections are not home inspections. The systems in a commercial building are different. The electrical service may be three-phase vs. single phase. There may be an all in one air handler on the roof rather than a split HVAC system. Doors, closures, panic devices, all of these things are different in a commercial building.

Commercial Inspections Cedar Rapids and Surrounding AreasIf you have a commercial property in Waverly, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City or surrounding areas and you would like it’s condition evaluated prior to purchase give us a call at 319-310-6044 to discuss price and availability. We will inspect most properties with the exception of heavy industrial as the equipment requirements are typically very specialized for their application.

If you have a light commercial building that you would like inspected, we are happy to oblige. Light commercial inspections are performed on properties such as dentist offices, doctors offices small store fronts and strip malls. We are more than happy to inspect your light commercial property and provide you with a detailed report on the condition of the property prior to your purchase and build  out.

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